Who is rVotes for?

It is designed to be used by every Center Right candidate running for public office, their staff, and especially their volunteers. It is also designed for PACs, 501C and other political organizations. It is exceptional for use by ALL candidates of ALL sizes, from City Council to President of the United States – and every office in between.  It was originally designed for State Party organizations and as such, rVotes has the finest design to super charge a state party and every campaign within that state.

Clients that would get the most significant benefit from using this system are:

  • Political State Partys
  • Large, Political Consulting Firms
  • Political Candidates of every size
  • Political organizations
  • PACs / 501Cs
  • Commercial organizations with a need to directly and individually monitor and influence people’s opinions who live in any geographic area.  (i.e. Power Companies, Oil companies, Casinos, and on and on..)

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