rVotes talks about giving access to volunteers. Is that smart? How many different user’s security “levels” are there?

One of the most significant differences between rVotes and other system you’ve used is that rVotes is very “open”.   rVotes encourages as many people as possible to contribute to the campaign effort in whatever way they can. We therefor encourage you, as the admin, to give as many people who want to volunteer to help, access to your rVotes account as you can.   This approach has been proven to work, and work amazingly well.

To accommodate the many different types of people and roles which you would want to give system access to, rVotes has developed a proprietary, Granular based security model.

rVotes security is not designed as a hierarchical range, from least to most access. Instead, rVotes security defines potentially hundreds of distinct “tasks” that a user may or may not be able to perform. Therefore, there can be virtually unlimited permeations of system access you can assign to volunteers you never met, or your most trusted political consultants. A user is then assigned rights very “granularly” to perfectly allow your campaign the ability to have a user be able to touch everything that he or she needs to, without being able to touch anything else they absolutely don’t need to touch. In the unlikely event that we haven’t already defined a function for a particular piece of your campaign, we can simply add it as a new ‘function’ and viola!

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