Is my campaign data private? I don’t want other campaigns to see it.

Yes.  It is private. 

There’s a lot of confusion is abound regarding this.   rVotes is not a hippie commune where candidates have a free for all with everyone elses personal and private campaign data.  The confusion is probably because there are two types of data in rVotes: Private and Public.

By default, all of your ‘private data’ is private – public data is public.

“Private data” consists of all of your canvass survey results, your voter tags, contribution information, volunteer information, surveys, questions, voter notes, contact records, and so on.

“Public Data” is information about a voter that is considered public information – i.e. – that which is typically publicly available.  For example: a voter’s name, voting history, voting address, mailing address, phone, Do Not Call, Do Not Walk, Deceased, and perhaps a few other similar items.

The ‘juicy stuff‘ is your private data, and this data is automatically private to your committee.  Once you understand this, now take it one step further.  Because rVotes is a “Unified Voter Database”, committees can decide to easily share, sell, bridge or copy any granular amount of their “private data” with any other committee or committees within rVotes.  This opens up a system of many separate campaigns, united within one common system, allowing the powerful benefit of coordinated efforts against a common opponent.  This is very cool.

Of course, if you don’t want to bridge or share any data, simply do nothing.  It’s private.  If, for example, you want to share even just one of your tags with another, like minded committee working in the same area, it’s so easy.  If you decide later to stop sharing, it’s also the click of a mouse and your data is no longer bridged with another committee.

If you take a moment to really wrap you mind around this – and around the power of uniting faction groups under a single political system that offers these combined benefits in a dozen different ways, you will begin to understand rVotes’ proprietary “Unified Voter Database” model is the foundation for the world’s most powerful political campaign technology.

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