Adler came from the Left, Can we trust rVotes?


Steve Adler is best known for co-founding the Left’s epic  Voter Activation Network, Inc (now NGPVAN), and architect of the system that grew into VoteBuilder, the most successful campaign technology in history.  but even then, he was never particularly political.  Ironically,  Adler was always well known for his amazing disinterest in the actual politics, but with a great love of the USA and campaign technology in a Democracy.  Even during the VAN days, Adler was a registered “Unaffiliated”.  Steve Adler is a computer geek.  He served his clients on the Left with professionalism and helped build the world’s most powerful election system for the Dems from his basement.

The Dem’s trusted him, even though it was common knowledge that he wasn’t even a registered Democrat.  Now, with no business relationship at all with his former company, he wants to help level the playing field for Conservatives, whom have been out gunned by his previous technology.  Please do your research.  rVotes and Adler have been fully vetted and many references are available upon request.

You will see that the only people whom ever have started rumors that Adler really is a secret “Lefty”  are those with a personal agenda in growing their own version of a copycat of rVotes.

rVotes simply doesn’t have a political agenda.  Our client is the Center Right, we fight for our clients.  End of story.  rVotes makes the finest political system in the world, and Adler has a proven history of being an honorable businessman.

Please see our page about Steve Adler if you still want to know more about this strange, little man.

Incidentally, all other rVotes Staff, as well as the Board Of Advisers are 100% active and well respected Conservatives. rVotes only hires vetted Conservatives.

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