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General Questions (17)

Why is your web site so ugly?

Because our technology is so good, we can get away with it.

If rVotes is so great, why isn’t my state party using it?


It certainly isn’t because another system is better at winning elections.  Don’t trust us – do your own research.

I absolutely love my current campaign system. Are you saying rVotes is better than what I’m using?


If other systems look like rVotes to you, it means you aren’t really looking.  Other systems try to copy rVotes.  rVotes  is jealous of no other competitors product, we’d just like to have a bit of the VC money they seem to always score.

Is my campaign data private? I don’t want other campaigns to see it.

Yes.  It is private. 

There’s a lot of confusion is abound regarding this.   rVotes is not a hippie commune where candidates have a free for all with everyone elses personal and private campaign data.  The confusion is probably because there are two types of data in rVotes: Private and Public.

By default, all of your ‘private data’ is private – public data is public.

“Private data” consists of all of your canvass survey results, your voter tags, contribution information, volunteer information, surveys, questions, voter notes, contact records, and so on.

“Public Data” is information about a voter that is considered public information – i.e. – that which is typically publicly available.  For example: a voter’s name, voting history, voting address, mailing address, phone, Do Not Call, Do Not Walk, Deceased, and perhaps a few other similar items.

The ‘juicy stuff‘ is your private data, and this data is automatically private to your committee.  Once you understand this, now take it one step further.  Because rVotes is a “Unified Voter Database”, committees can decide to easily share, sell, bridge or copy any granular amount of their “private data” with any other committee or committees within rVotes.  This opens up a system of many separate campaigns, united within one common system, allowing the powerful benefit of coordinated efforts against a common opponent.  This is very cool.

Of course, if you don’t want to bridge or share any data, simply do nothing.  It’s private.  If, for example, you want to share even just one of your tags with another, like minded committee working in the same area, it’s so easy.  If you decide later to stop sharing, it’s also the click of a mouse and your data is no longer bridged with another committee.

If you take a moment to really wrap you mind around this – and around the power of uniting faction groups under a single political system that offers these combined benefits in a dozen different ways, you will begin to understand rVotes’ proprietary “Unified Voter Database” model is the foundation for the world’s most powerful political campaign technology.

I’m having trouble logging in. Can you provide me my username and password?

Unfortunately, no.

You need to contact your local rVotes administrator.  This is usually the person that originally  gave you access to the system.

We can’t help because because unless you have a license directly with us, your rVotes committee are the ones who are responsible for all things about your rVotes experience, access, and permissions on the system.  If you don’t know who to contact, we can help you find your administrator, but we don’t directly touch a client’s account or let users in without written permission.

I need more access to more features of rVotes. Can you please give it to me?

Unfortunately, no.

You need to contact your local rVotes administrator.  This is usually the person that originally  gave you access to the system.

We can’t help because because unless you have a license directly with us, your rVotes committee are the ones who are responsible for all things about your rVotes experience, access, and permissions on the system.  If you don’t know who to contact, we can help you find your administrator, but we don’t directly touch a client’s account or let users in without written permission.

I can’t seem to do “X”. Doesn’t your system do this?

Without knowing what X is, we’d have to say,  “yes”.

rVotes does pretty much everything and a lot more.  If you can’t seem to figure out how to do something, it’s probably because you have not been granted the needed access or have not been trained properly.

Please contact your local rVotes admin first and they can usually square you away.  If they can’t help you, please call us or email us directly.

Can I create walking lists with rVotes?

Well, duh.  You can do virtually anything you ever imagined, and a whole lot we bet you never thought you needed as well.  Call us.

rVotes would be perfect for X industry. Can we use it for that?

This technology is really handy for any organization that wants to poll the public and /or influence the public.  We’d love to talk about your ideas.

rVotes needs to stay pure to the political cause, but we can easily create a specialized and separate application for your industry.  Call us.

How is your data updated?

rVotes’ data is updated every day by thousands of users from all over the state doing canvassing and grooming things like deceased, bad addresses, bad phones, new addresses, new phones, etc.  We also perform routine merge/purge processes against the newest state voter file and have complex algorithms that reconcile potential differences between what the SOS provides versus what a user has found out in the field.  When used as directed, rVotes’ data model maintains the best voter data you’ve ever experienced.  Google “CataList” to see how VoteBuilder has created the world’s best voter data for the Left.  Now it’s your turn with rVotes.

Who actually owns the data we collect from using rVotes?

You do.  We don’t.

Our schtick is to provide you the best tools to collect your data.  This means your state party, campaign, or whatever, is politically independent and independently powerful.  There is no fear of another organization using your efforts or controlling your political agility.  It’s up to you, however, to use the system to it’s fullest so you can actually collect good data about your constituents.

Some terms and conditions may apply.  Call for details.

Who is rVotes for?

It is designed to be used by every Center Right candidate running for public office, their staff, and especially their volunteers. It is also designed for PACs, 501C and other political organizations. It is exceptional for use by ALL candidates of ALL sizes, from City Council to President of the United States – and every office in between.  It was originally designed for State Party organizations and as such, rVotes has the finest design to super charge a state party and every campaign within that state.

Clients that would get the most significant benefit from using this system are:

  • Political State Partys
  • Large, Political Consulting Firms
  • Political Candidates of every size
  • Political organizations
  • PACs / 501Cs
  • Commercial organizations with a need to directly and individually monitor and influence people’s opinions who live in any geographic area.  (i.e. Power Companies, Oil companies, Casinos, and on and on..)

Do you have a demo so I can check it out?

Sorry, No.

rVotes is custom built for each state organization that wants to license it.  it is very expensive to set up a new state because, after all, it’s a massive system and a huge effort is required to create the unified database from the original SOS feed.

Instead, please contact us and we’ll give you a live, WebX demo and answer all your questions.

Adler came from the Left, Can we trust rVotes?


Steve Adler is best known for co-founding the Left’s epic  Voter Activation Network, Inc (now NGPVAN), and architect of the system that grew into VoteBuilder, the most successful campaign technology in history.  but even then, he was never particularly political.  Ironically,  Adler was always well known for his amazing disinterest in the actual politics, but with a great love of the USA and campaign technology in a Democracy.  Even during the VAN days, Adler was a registered “Unaffiliated”.  Steve Adler is a computer geek.  He served his clients on the Left with professionalism and helped build the world’s most powerful election system for the Dems from his basement.

The Dem’s trusted him, even though it was common knowledge that he wasn’t even a registered Democrat.  Now, with no business relationship at all with his former company, he wants to help level the playing field for Conservatives, whom have been out gunned by his previous technology.  Please do your research.  rVotes and Adler have been fully vetted and many references are available upon request.

You will see that the only people whom ever have started rumors that Adler really is a secret “Lefty”  are those with a personal agenda in growing their own version of a copycat of rVotes.

rVotes simply doesn’t have a political agenda.  Our client is the Center Right, we fight for our clients.  End of story.  rVotes makes the finest political system in the world, and Adler has a proven history of being an honorable businessman.

Please see our page about Steve Adler if you still want to know more about this strange, little man.

Incidentally, all other rVotes Staff, as well as the Board Of Advisers are 100% active and well respected Conservatives. rVotes only hires vetted Conservatives.

rVotes talks about giving access to volunteers. Is that smart? How many different user’s security “levels” are there?

One of the most significant differences between rVotes and other system you’ve used is that rVotes is very “open”.   rVotes encourages as many people as possible to contribute to the campaign effort in whatever way they can. We therefor encourage you, as the admin, to give as many people who want to volunteer to help, access to your rVotes account as you can.   This approach has been proven to work, and work amazingly well.

To accommodate the many different types of people and roles which you would want to give system access to, rVotes has developed a proprietary, Granular based security model.

rVotes security is not designed as a hierarchical range, from least to most access. Instead, rVotes security defines potentially hundreds of distinct “tasks” that a user may or may not be able to perform. Therefore, there can be virtually unlimited permeations of system access you can assign to volunteers you never met, or your most trusted political consultants. A user is then assigned rights very “granularly” to perfectly allow your campaign the ability to have a user be able to touch everything that he or she needs to, without being able to touch anything else they absolutely don’t need to touch. In the unlikely event that we haven’t already defined a function for a particular piece of your campaign, we can simply add it as a new ‘function’ and viola!

How much does rVotes cost? Is it expensive?

As you would expect from being the finest, premium Campaign and election system, rVotes is expensive.  It’s still a bargain at twice the price.

Ironically, rVotes can be a powerful money maker for its clients.  It wouldn’t be unusual for your state party to make back ten times the cost by endorsing and sub licensing it.  This is in addition to the invaluable political worth it provides.

How do I buy rVotes?

rVotes is software as a service and is a web based system that is licensed, not sold. Our services provide complete support and infrastructure for transparent, enterprise class campaign and election functionality over any web browser, iPhone or SmartPhone

Typically, rVotes is licensed to a candidate for office, State Party, County party, large Tea Party,  County or state wide political interest group, any organization with a political agenda, or any fairly well funded candidates running for election or reelection.  These organizations then may decide to provide sub-licenses to organizations or candidates for free, or next to free for the smaller efforts that would otherwise not be able to afford this unified system.

rVotes is not an off the shelf commodity, but a very high end, custom made specialty.  Please call us and we can discuss the best way to make rVotes a reality for your efforts.