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“All Politics is Local”

One of the things that makes rVotes so incredibly cool is how it was designed to be “state centric.” While rVotes  is a national system as well, at its core is a collection of state-by-state units that allows deep and extensive customization for each of the 50 states. Because of this, rVotes is “rolled out” state by state. Before anyone in a state can use rVotes within that  state, rVotes must first “roll out” or build,  program, and customize the custom site for the ENTIRE state. All idiosyncrasies of the politics of a state and the data available for that state can be honored. Unlike other systems, all district’s names, terms, and boundaries are respected, as well as polices regarding canvassing laws, poll watching laws, and so on.

Unfortunately, this makes it somewhat difficult and expensive to build a presence in a state where we are currently not established. Once we do roll out a state, we’re there for EVERY center right campaign and organization – and forever.

While rVotes will be in ALL 50 states as quickly as possible, currently we are not.

We are currently live in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Iowa
  • Ohio
  • Rhode Island
  • Michigan
  • Virginia

All other states, we’re coming soon. If you can help spearhead getting rVotes’ flag in the ground for your state, please contact us and help the effort! This is a great opportunity for political consultants to get on the ground floor of the most proven campaign and election technology in the world.



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