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You can take all the power of rVotes with you in the field - in real-time. Click to see a trailer.

rVotes is enterprise class, campaign software and data infrastructure technology that lets you run one — or thousands of separate campaigns — under a single, fully coordinated, state wide or county ‘umbrella’.

It provides the rock solid information foundation and all of the tools ever needed for any campaign to identify, persuade, track, and ensure a vote.

No SmartPhone? No Problem. Easily canvass door to door with bar coded, route optimized walking sheets. Use a cheap, wand scanner to quickly enter data back into rVotes without a single keystroke, all with 100% accuracy and Speed.

rVotes was originally designed from the ground up, to empower the many State Political Parties and their allies, who all desperately needed a way better, unified election management system than the mediocre tools they were being provided from their National Party or any other vendor. Once you have rVotes as your core campaign and election technology, you will never understand how you worked without it. It will quickly become your ‘secret weapon’, and give you reliable tools that you previously only dreamed about. rVotes allows your campaign or organization to coordinate and run one or thousands of campaigns of any type or office, across any political boundaries within your entire state. Individual states are then tethered together to allow fully functional, national system, empowering your group with a centralized command and control center that’s actually a blast to use!

View any of your canvass results as a heat map, or drill down.

rVotes is also perfect for PACs, SuperPacs, Special Interest Groups, Church groups, the NRA – really any organization that wants to observe and/or influence the masses. Your data is all kept secure and private. By default, it is not accessible by any other campaign in the system. As the ‘parent’ organization, however, you can easily coordinate and control the efforts of all campaigns within the entire state that you oversee. You can instantly respond to the amazing details you can now see about your voters within all the sub-campaigns — down to the tiniest race for “Town Dog Catcher”.

Optional GOTV Module: All your campaign work comes to a head on election day. ‘Automatically’ nag anyone who said they’d support you but didn’t go to the polls yet. All in Real-Time! with built in Voter Fraud Prevention too.

Parent organizations have the ability to coordinate the committees under them. For example, you can instantly give – or take away, things like ‘real time’ data bridging of any data between two or more of your committees. And so much more. Call us for the details.

The net effect of all of this is a revolutionary, crowd source model that is guaranteed to influence the votes of more people, and for far less money, than any other tactic or tool currently in your political arsenal. Dave Brat used rVotes and won against powerful incumbent, House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, and rVotes gave him the force multiplier to do it despite being out spent almost 30 to 1!

Of course, don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to do your due diligence. Research rVotes, its history, why its earlier version called Voter Activation Network (today it has grown into the Left’s infamous ‘VoteBuilder’* system) grew on it’s own merits, to be the fundamental, core technology of all liberals, Unions, and Liberal PACs in virtually all English speaking democracies worldwide. “This is the system Rove raved about.

(* Note: rVotes, LLC is not associated with VoteBuilder, NGPVAN Inc.,  or CataList.)

See any voter on a map. Cut walking or calling lists from '1,000 feet above'.

GOTV Reports automatically refresh every 60 seconds. See amazing detail about real time voter turn out never before possible! Nag voters automatically.

Power and Control. Smart people all agree. If you compare rVotes to any other system, you will see they are trying to copy us, and you will also agree there is no close second. Let us empower your efforts.

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