Selected Features

This web site, and this page are under reconstruction.

Sorry for the lackluster web site – but we’re busy talking your calls.

rVotes is a very large system.  Below is a list of just some, selected features.
Click on a hyperlink below to learn more about that feature.  More info coming as soon as we can…

  • The Home Page
    • Each user has a customized home page, and customized experience.  Templates can be used to mass-produce users.
  • Quick Lookup
    • with SmartName™ Technology
  • Find Organizations
  • Create A List
    • Micro target like never before
  • Saved Lists – Share Lists
  • Virtual Phone Banking
    • with Peer2Pair™ Technology
  • SmartVotes™
    • Integrated, iPhone & Android App in Real-time
  • GOTV in Real-Time
    • Fully integrated, State wide Coordinated, Unified, GOTV
      with SmartPhone and Virtual Phone Bank
    • Built in, Best of class, real-time voter fraud prevention
  • Case Work Plug-In
    • for Incumbent Candidate Management
  • Bar Coded Walking and Calling Sheets
    • Enter data easily into the system without typing a stroke
  • Map based, Turf-Cutter & List Maker
    • Cut walking lists or any lists by drawing lines on a map
  • Monitor Users
    • Know who’s doing what on rVotes in great detail
  • Precinct Level Tools
    • Grass Roots Tools for coordinating your efforts
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Print mailing labels
  • Custom Form & Follow Up Letters
  • Volunteer Management
  • Coordinate across all campaigns across the state
  • Share, sell or trade data
  • Old School, Palm Pilot Canvassing 
    • don’t laugh – these are still amazing, little tools for field work
  • Bulk Data Import
  • Bulk Data Export
  • Fully Integrated Robo-Calling
  • Reporting
  • MapIt™
    • See anything visually on a map
    • Heat maps, color coded details

More to come…