Selected Features

We can provide you all the info you need upon request.  We don’t want to make it too easy for our competitors to try to copy them.

rVotes is a very large system.  Below is a list of just some, selected features.

Click on a hyperlink below to learn more about that feature.  More info coming as soon as we can…

  • The Home Page
    • Each user has a customized home page, and customized experience.  Templates can be used to mass-produce users.
  • Quick Lookup
    • with SmartName™ Technology
  • Find Organizations
  • Create A List
    • Micro target like never before
  • Saved Lists – Share Lists
  • Virtual Phone Banking
    • with Peer2Pair™ Technology
  • SmartVotes™
    • Integrated, iPhone & Android App in Real-time
  • GOTV in Real-Time
    • Fully integrated, State wide Coordinated, Unified, GOTV
      with SmartPhone and Virtual Phone Bank
    • Built in, Best of class, real-time voter fraud prevention
  • Case Work Plug-In
    • for Incumbent Candidate Management
  • Bar Coded Walking and Calling Sheets
    • Enter data easily into the system without typing a stroke
  • Map based, Turf-Cutter & List Maker
    • Cut walking lists or any lists by drawing lines on a map
    • Integrated, turn by turn directions of route in optimized walking order
  • Monitor Users
    • Know who’s doing what on rVotes in great detail
  • Precinct Level Tools
    • Grass Roots Tools for coordinating your efforts
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Print mailing labels
  • Custom Form & Follow Up Letters
  • Volunteer Management
  • Coordinate across all campaigns across the state
  • Share, sell or trade data
  • Old School, Palm Pilot Canvassing 
    • don’t laugh – these are still amazing, little tools for field work
  • Bulk Data Import
  • Bulk Data Export
  • Fully Integrated Robo-Calling
  • Reporting
  • MapIt™
    • See anything visually on a map
    • Heat maps, color coded details