Endorsements and love letters

The following is some testimony from some rVotes users:

Good data management is essential if you are to have a winning campaign. I have tested and used many different campaign data systems. One of them stands far above the crowd. rVotes has the strongest security, the most scalability, the best accountability and it is user friendly. In other words rVotes is the best campaign software I have ever seen or used.

Vance Wilkins
Former Speaker of the House,
Virginia House of Delegates

rVotes is the single best way for a candidate to utilize campaign resources in a race, maintain efficiency of work and minimize duplication of efforts, both during the campaign and on election day. In short, rVotes gives underfunded and understaffed campaigns as well as fully funded and staffed campaigns an equal shot at success on election day.

Mike Troxel, President
Crux Consulting, Inc

I have worked in Information Technology for over twenty years. I’ve had the opportunity to use several voter information systems over the last several elections and have found rVotes puts the “friendly” in “user friendly.”

For a fast paced election typically found with primaries & special elections, it’s the perfect tool. The online poll watching tool was far superior to what the Romney Presidential campaign offered. Developing smartphone based canvassing and virtual phone banks is a snap and keeps the human costs of deploying these systems to a minimum.

-Ralph Hubbard
Former Magisterial Chair
Fairfax County Republican Committee

I’ve used rVotes in 3 different campaigns now, and I’ve never seen another political software program as user-friendly, effective, and integrated as rVotes. In 2012, a field staffer and I effectively ran a field office that knocked over 25,000 doors in about two months with 30 volunteers. Once trained, volunteers can use the phone bank system from their home, allowing efforts to be focused from around the state from lower priority regions to higher priority regions seamlessly. Furthermore, rVotes has the ONLY functional election day get-out-the-vote knock and drag operation that I’ve ever seen. However, as feature rich as it is, the true power of rVotes lies in empowering the grass roots and promoting synergy across campaigns. rVotes was designed for block captains to be effective and relevant in the campaign reducing the load for other volunteers and
campaign staff, and the efforts that we expended on our first two campaigns were directly visible and assisted with the third. Consistently using rVotes will not only increase our chances of success, but embraces all of the human resources it takes to win elections from staff to precinct captains to door knockers and phone bankers who are intent upon winning elections.

Tony Crego
Elections Committee, Chair
Virginia Federation of Tea Party Patriots

Dear rVotes,

I am currently serving as campaign manager for John Robitalle, candidate for Governor of Rhode Island [. . .] I wanted to weigh in with my endorsement of the system.  Over ten years, and several dozen campaigns I have used nearly every voter database system around.  Although I have only used RVotes for a few months, I have already identified it as being superior to any other system I have employed.  In addition to political campaign management, I serve as a VP of a political paid phones firm that has elected to use RVotes as their platform for tracking data collected from millions of paid survey calls annually.
Here is why I think RVotes has re-written the book on voter database management:
1.  Accessibility:  You can access RVotes from anywhere without having to download any software.  This makes it easy to run “virtual phone banks” where volunteers will make ID calls from home.
2.  Simplicity:  We have successfully taught children, senior citizens and everyone in-between to use RVotes for virtual phone banking.  The interface is simple and easy to use.  When paper call sheets are used, the data can be easily entered into RVotes with a bar-code scanner.
3.  Intelligence:  The system is smart enough to auto-correct inaccuracies during data upload.  When you upload a list of voters into RVotes, it is able to figure out that “Billy Johnson” is really “William Johnson” or that “William Johnson” has moved to a different address.  For this reason, we upload all of our mailing lists into RVotes to ensure that our addresses are up to date.  The system is also smart enough to search for ethnic last names, so I can download a list of Polish, Spanish, or French Canadian voters if I feel that we need to tailor a message to a certain ethnicity.
4:  Accuracy: Once data is entered into RVotes, the system has built-in safeguards to combat sabotage and corrupted data.
5: Adaptability:  The IT and programming team at RVotes is good enough that they always stay ahead of the curve to keep from becoming obsolete.

I could go on and on about RVotes, but I just wanted to fill you in on a few key bullet points.  If you have any questions, feel free to call me for a more in-depth assessment of how RVotes might be able to help you in the future.  I foresee myself personally using RVotes for my consulting and campaign management services for the rest of my career.

Andrew E. Biemer
Campaign Manager
Robitaille for Governor

Dear rVotes,

My name is Parker Lacoste, and I’m the 1st Vice Chair of the Rhode Island Young Republicans and the Campaign Manager for Mark Zaccaria for Congress. [. . .]  you might have some interest in the rVotes system. As someone who has used both Voter Vault and rVotes, I have found rVotes incredibly more useful and dynamic than Voter Vault. The capabilities that are built in to rVotes have had a serious impact on the campaign I currently work for, and I can assure you that this program would be helpful to you, too.

I started off working for Mark Zaccaria, a Republican candidate for Congress in Rhode Island’s Second District, during the 2008 cycle. At that time, we were solely using Voter Vault. I am once again working on Mark Zaccaria’s campaign, and this time around we have been fortunate to have the rVotes system. For months leading up to the Primary, we were able to conduct targeted voter outreach through both phone banking and door-to-door efforts. By utilizing rVotes web-based platform, volunteers worked off of computers, both in our HQ and from home, making calls to our targeted lists. As soon as they completed a call, the data from the responses was immediately available. Using rVotes greatly increased the efficiency of our voter outreach efforts and prevented us from having to waste countless hours wrestling with data input. On Primary day, the benefits of rVotes were made clear through our victory in a 4-way race in which we received 55% of the vote and were more than 30% ahead of each of our opponents.

If you have any specific questions regarding rVotes, I’d be more than happy to answer them.

Best wishes,

Parker E. Lacoste
Campaign Manager
Zaccaria for Congress

Dear rVotes,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to you regarding rVotes and how it has changed the political game in Rhode Island.  The Rhode Island Young Republicans were the first to use the software in order to help several incumbents throughout Rhode Island mainly through phone banking and canvassing efforts.  On the Young Republican side specifically, we have used the software to target younger voters to increase our membership.  The greatest advantage of the software is it is basically one large filter.  Whatever you want, you can get.  And in a close second, it is unbelievably easy to use.  In just 5 clicks you can be up and running.

Upon coming aboard to the Loughlin campaign, we have used the software to target likely voters, identify key districts to attack, and boost our fundraising efforts.  In just a few short months, rVotes has been responsible for over ten thousand calls to voters in Rhode Island.  Whether it is a phonebanking script or canvassing walking list, rVotes has significantly assisted numerous candidates for a multitude of tasks.

Lastly, the team at rVotes is readily available and always tweaking the software.  Further, over the course of these few months, several new modules have been introduced to increase effectiveness of the software.  Because it’s so economical and efficient, it’s a must use to help Republicans take advantage of the environment around them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.


Patrick A. Sweeney, Esq.
Deputy Campaign Manager
John Loughlin for Congress
329 Warren Avenue
East Providence, RI

Main: 401.383.XXXX
Cell:  401.623.XXXX

Dear Steve,

This is to thank you for all the assistance that you and your staff at rVotes were able to provide to my recently concluded run for the US House.

Not only did my campaign find the responsiveness and flexibility of your support to be terrifically helpful but the program, itself, was a real force multiplier for us. With a small staff of dedicated volunteers, my campaign was able to complete nearly 20,000 targeted personal calls.  Moreover, due to rVotes we were able to track preference information from each of them and use it to create Voter ID lists for both direct mail and GOTV. In other words, a small, underfunded campaign was able to project itself as a real force in the numbers game that is political campaigning.  Our fire for the cause was part of it, of course, but the real difference was the IT capacity we had at our fingertips – through rVotes.

Not only was the program easy to use for non-computer types but it was also incredibly cost effective in that we were able to distribute calling locations (read: Costs) by using it over the net.

There is no doubt that the Zaccaria for Congress Campaign would not have made the mark it did on Rhode Island’s 2nd CD voters had we not had access to rVotes.

Thank You!

If you have any questions on our experience with rVotes or if you would like to refer future prospects to me for a reference, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Very Truly Yours,

Mark Zaccaria

Dear rVotes,

When John  Robitaille entered the race for Governor of Rhode Island in January of 2010 he had little name recognition and even less money. In addition to that he was facing two entrenched political dynasties. To put it lightly, he faced a major uphill battle.
When I was hired as his Field Director I knew it would take a concentrated, laser-targeted ground campaign to get John elected. Once the troops were recruited we needed our weaponry. rVotes answered the call.
Through the use of rVotes we were able to launch a micro-targeted effort to identify, educate and engage the voter base here in Rhode Island. Normally that would be an incredible task, but having rVotes in our arsenal was an incredible asset.

I am convinced that rVotes was the key element to securing a landslide victory (70% to 30%) in our primary.

I am also convinced that rVotes was a critical component to our ability to completely overtake one major opponent and bring us within two percentage points of the other. These results were not luck; they were the direct result of an active ground game that made full use of the rVotes program.
I would highly recommend the rVotes program without hesitation. It will optimize your efforts and multiply your forces exponentially.

Brian Buongiovanni
Field Director
John Robitaille for Governor 2010

Dear rVotes,

We ran an independent against a 14 year union supporting member of the democrat leadership who won each of the last 4 elections by 70-30 margins.
There were 4 mailers by the various teachers union, afsme and afl CIO.
We lost by 326 votes in an 11,000 vote race 1.8 percent.

Rvotes kicked ass, no lie no smoke and we probably used 10 percent of it’s capabilities.
Thank you for making it available and thank you for making it.

Thanks again.
David Darlington
Managing Partner
The Gildea-Darlington Group
Public Relations
401 578 XXXX

Dear rVotes:

Now that campaign season is over I want to let you know how valuable rVotes proved to be in Patricia Morgan’s victory in RI Representative District 26. Patricia and I didn’t learn about rVotes until halfway through her campaign, and by that time we had already developed neighborhood walking lists by piecing together whatever voter information we could find. As I’m sure you could tell, I was reluctant at that point in the campaign to take the time to learn new software, no matter how valuable it might be.

But you made a believer out of me — and I’m glad you did. You took the time to give me a personal tutorial, and I could tell right then that I’d do what I needed to do to make use of your program.

Our campaign started using rVotes when we needed to build mailing lists, and I was struck by how simple and intuitive it is to use your filters — precinct, voting history, age, party affiliation and others — to get the lists we really needed. I really was sold on rVotes when I scrubbed my lists with NCOA (National Change of Address) software in order to qualify for bulk-rate postage… a necessity for our low-budget campaign. Your lists proved to be so current that we lost very few names in the process.

One terrific feature of your software is the ability to print mailing labels directly from the program, not having to download to a spreadsheet, then make labels from the spreadsheet. Talking with other candidates after the election, I’m realizing what a valuable feature this is. It gave us the ability to instantly create labels for small, targeted mailings — sometimes as small as a single neighborhood. Patricia is the first Republican to serve her district in 30 years, and our margin of victory was small. We’ll never know the real effect of these neighborhood mailings, but rVotes gave us the ability to mail right into a
neighborhood, almost instantly.

Now we’re starting to think about the next campaign, and I’m sure rVotes will play a key part as Patricia keeps in touch with her new constituents. When she runs again I know we’ll make use of more rVotes features than we could this time, since we’ll use your data right from the start of her campaign.

Thanks for all your help, Steve.


Bob Morgan
Campaign Manager for Patricia Morgan, Representative in RI District 26

Dear rVotes,
I worked on several campaigns in Rhode Island this year, and they all were using rVotes software to enhance their campaigns.  As a volunteer, I found the software easy to use for phone banking both at the campaign headquarters and from home. When using the software at home, I could dial *67 and block my home phone number before dialing a voter’s phone number with a message from our candidate.
The software allowed me to have my own personal list which I could continue at anytime that I had some free time to make more calls.  I also used it for scanning information into rVotes after our door to door canvassing.  You have made rVotes easy to use, and I would recommend it to campaigns I will be working with when I move to Florida in January of 2011.

Best wishes for your continued success with rVotes.
Maureen Kearney

Dear Mr. Adler,
I was elected to the Portsmouth School Committee on Tuesday and received the most votes by a large margin.  This broad support is probably due to the fact that the voters heard what I said and liked what I had to say.

I am very thankful I was able to use rVotes during the 2010 election cycle because it enabled me to get my message to the voters.  This was my first run for elected office and I did not have the time nor budget to get my campaign material to the whole town.  There are 12,784 voters in Portsmouth.  Through rVotes, I was able to target my campaign material to only the unaffiliated voters who voted in at least two out of the last three elections.  rVotes culled the database and found 2945 households that met my selected criteria.  I took this information and printed it in 60 lists sorted by neighborhood with about 50 addresses on each list.  Over 20 friends volunteered to distribute my campaign material in their neighborhoods.  So I gave them an rVotes list of addresses near them and they got the information to the voter right before the election.  I physically could not have done it by myself.  And the added benefit was that the volunteers met some of their neighbors and it became a real grass-roots effort.

I found the program easy to use and it was an huge help in running a very limited, targeted campaign with my palm cards.  Thank you rVotes!

Cynthia Perrotti
Portsmouth School Committee

Dear Steve,

As Campaign Manager for Beth Moura’s run and eventual win for State Senate 19 Cumberland/Lincoln, we found rVotes to be a crucial part to her win for the open seat formerly held by Senate Majority Leader Daniel Connors. We were able to target the heavily Democrat areas of her District in both Cumberland and Lincoln, and determine the age and voting records of long-term voters especially the elderly home owners. rVotes was also instrumental in giving us the latest data from the Secretary of State office so we had an accurate data base and voting record to go along with our walking campaign.

While we did not utilize all of the valuable resources available through rVotes such as the calling lists and scripts, they will be an integral part of the re-election campaign in the future. The success we had was in large part to knowing the name of the home owner prior to knocking on the door. People liked hearing their name and that was a huge plus because we had highly accurate data. We found a large number of Democrat voters were placing Beth’s lawn signs on their lawn and saying they would be voting for Beth over her Democrat challenger, more importantly they also contributed campaign funds.

I can not emphasis enough on how critical rVotes was to the success of her campaign in defining areas that were critical to her win. The first election night result called in was from an area that historically always voted heavily Democrat. Beth’s vote count was only 9 votes behind her opponent. We knew then that if the same held true she would win the election, and she did. She lost 5 Cumberland precincts (all heavily Democrat but only by the slimmest of margins) and tied in a very heavily Democrat precinct in Lincoln! The losses were negligible compared to the higher win totals in the precincts she did carry. The final tally resulted in a Republican win in Senate District 19 for the first time since the seat went through redistricting. rVotes was an integral part of the campaign and Beth’s victory.

I would highly recommend all future Rhode Island Republican candidates utilize rVotes as a vital campaign resource in their election campaign strategy.

BOO-YAA! We Win!

Mark Dosdourian
Campaign Manager
Moura for Senate 19

Secretary – Cumberland Republican Town Committee

Dear Steve:
Some of the work I did on behalf of our Congressional candidate and local office-seekers was done on rVotes, a few of my activities required looking up phone numbers in the local phone book and making notes on lists. Suffice to say, the stone age approach was very time consuming and lacked permanency, the approach with your automated system was far simpler and a pleasure to use. Thanks for your help during the campaign. Jim

J.G. Jacquette, consultant

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