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rVotes is Extremely.

rVotes is amazingly simple for volunteers and lower level staff to use.  It’s designed to allow lots of people of any age and any computer skill level to have access and become productive activists in minutes.  rVotes however, is very powerful and feature rich, so for the handful of top administrators in the state, whom have access to deep in the bowels of the system, there is typically a learning curve of about a week to several weeks  It is assumed that rVotes administrators are smart, at least a little computer savvy and do political work at least semi-professionally.

Everything about the user experience is controlled by a rich control of “permissions”  In the example below, is a screenshot of what a typical volunteer screen may look like.  This volunteer has been given access to a slice of the constituents and the ability to make virtual phone bank calls from outreaches that have been assigned by up-staff.  The volunteers in this example can also open and work with saved lists that have been created and assigned for this volunteer to interact with on a number of efforts.

So simple to use for volunteers.


It can also be a powerful control panel for trusted staff and volunteers to enable volunteers to cut lists, etc..
Below is a typical home screen of a high level volunteer or staff.  This person can cut lists, assign them to users, most likely can also create users, and perhaps create users that can in tern, create users.

Trusted volunteers and staff can cut lists and create activities for volunteers to do with them


For the candidate and their senior team, rVotes is your it is the top down strategy center.

Below is a typical screen for the senior consultant of a campaign.   This user has deeper access to functionality and can “see down” the path of all activity within their committee. 

Admin View

Can be fully centralized, coordinated campaign effort.


It can be anything in between.

Everything about rVotes is permission based. Any user experience can be completely customized with precise granularity.  Every single function is assignable, and can be assigned “down staff”, including the ability to create new users, who in turn, may also be able to create users. With the ability to grant down staff users the ability to create more users, and grant those users only a precisely controlled subset of permissions of the up-staff user, huge, viral networks of vetted users can be added to the system.  All user activity is monitored and up-staff can review detailed reports of the users under them.   (Note: this list below is only a partial list of rVotes functions)

Control user's voter and feature access with very granular precision.