rVotes & Dynamic Campaigning: The Future of Retail Politicking on the Right

rVotes isn’t a magic bullet that will allow you to simply push a button and win elections – shoe leather and hard work is what wins elections.

rVotes is the best tuned machine to effectively focus that effort into a weapon. Without all the canvassing, targeting and the effort, of course there’s nothing rVotes can focus for you. Experience has demonstrated that people will be MORE inclined to call and walk IF they are assured they are not wasting their most precious asset: their time.

What should be noted is that rVotes, among other things, finally builds an environment where the efforts of volunteers are amplified and coordinated, focused and optimized. One of the major reasons the Left seems to have such a volunteer machine advantage over the Right is because of the revolutionary coordination VoteBuilder has given them over the past ten years to unify and integrate all efforts between the unions, all liberal candidates and special interest groups, volunteers, paid staff and so on. With over 1,000,000 registered users on the system, this technology gives a place for a potential volunteers to actually be seriously productive. Every single interaction any user has with any voter is recorded, analyzed, and quickly turned into a political weapon.

When Steve Adler first built VoteBuilder ten years ago, he and his business partner looked at the glaring and fundamental weaknesses of the Right, and exploited each one of them systematically. Some of the specifics that they targeted include the following:

- The Right’s inability to effectively utilize volunteers, therefore creating an environment where there aren’t many volunteers.

- The Right’s love affair with “carpet bombing” rather than “smart bombing” a message. This includes a very disproportionate emphasis on TV, radio, RoboCalls, literature drops, and other “one way” non-targeted messaging.

- The Right’s fear of canvassing door to door – simply the most effective means of winning elections.

- The Right’s lack of a decent tool to target effectively and get information about the INDIVIDUAL voter back, so that information can be used to groom the voter and eventually be used to get out the vote on election day.

- Lack of respect for the power of the smaller campaigns and the data they can collect, which of course has a direct bearing on larger races.

- The Right’s tight control on VoterVault (VoteBuilder was designed to safely give some small access window to anyone with a tie-dye shirt – and it worked!)

- Short sightedness of campaign season. Election season starts the day after an election, not a few months before an election.

rVotes now takes the concepts built for VoteBuilder, and even more aggressively exploits the new frontier of the internet with what works so well for the Left.

Whenever we hear smart conservatives talking about money and efforts they would rather spend on more media buys, literature drops, robocalls, and Excel spreadsheets, we can almost hear VoteBuilder’s 1,000,000 liberal users – laughing.

As more conservative leaders learn about the details of the core design of rVotes, rVotes will eventually be recognized for its unique ability to revolutionize conservative politics. We fought this battle once before when we were trying to get the DNC on board with VoteBuilder. We know how that ended, with their only regret being they didn’t get on board years earlier.

One comment on “rVotes & Dynamic Campaigning: The Future of Retail Politicking on the Right
  1. More says:

    This is a wonderful media tool for ennigag and informing interested parties. Have you linked with any local or national public schools to use this forum as a way to facilitate young middle & HS aged kids learning about these important political processes and issues themselves? Keep up the excellent (complex) work of informing and the display of our democracy at work!

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