What is it?

What is rVotes? What does it do?

Very Short Answer:

First and foremost, rVotes is internet based software that empowers millions of volunteers and users to help hundreds of thousands of individual campaigns, while also contributing to the long term ‘good’ of the Party or ‘parent organization’.

Having rVotes for your state party or statewide political organization is a little like owning your own political Facebook for your State.  No, you don’t post pictures of your cat, or anything like that – but the collection of data and political power it creates is a little like having your own Facebook.  rVotes acts as a controlled, but distributed database and gives you all sorts of tools to automate the drudgery of campaigning and influencing people’s opinions.  Like Facebook, the back end of rVotes is like a giant database.  Unlike anything else you’ve ever used, rVotes is based on a Unified Voter Database

This is very big deal, because it takes advantage of the Internets ability to “crowd source” information. (Click on the link above for a more, in-depth explanation)   A thousand different committees using rVotes each has their own private view to a particular voter, yet that voter only exists once in the database.  Your collected data about that voter remains private to your committee only  -  unless you explicitly share or sell it to another committee.  This gives unprecedented power for like minded organizations and efforts to build a single, highly groomed voter file that stays current and live 24/7/365.  It also allows for a seamless. instant, “opt-in” cooperative system allowing you to gain far more knowledge when targeting your constituents.

(have you seen Intro to rVotes 101 yet?)

rVotes is based on the “Lincoln Four Step” process.  This is not a 19th century dance move, but is the fundamental list of steps in wining an election.

With rVotes, you:

  • Have an always current, always fresh, list of all of your constituents, and a single place to store vast amounts of detailed information about them
    • Your campaign’s information collected about your constituents is private to only your campaign.  (Your Private information can optionally be bridged between two or more committees with the click of a mouse)
  • Target persuadable constituents
  • Send persuadables a messages of influence
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your influence and adjust your message as needed
  • On election day, ensure that the favorable voters actually vote

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rVotes is web-based software for use by any center right political campaign effort, for any sized office, any political action committee, any Tea Party group, any public awareness group or foundation, any consulting firm tracking and influencing people’s opinions.

It includes all the tools needed to help identify and then influence persuadable voters to vote or think your way.  It then automates the process of ensuring that they actually go out and vote for you on election day. It is based on the same system that has influenced and affected more elections than all other systems combined.


Full Answer:

You’re going to have to put a little effort into that one; it does a lot — and it still does a lot more than just its feature list.  Read through the site and see if it starts making sense.  Here is just a quick attempt to highlight some talking points.

rVotes is …

  • A massive, on-line database of every voter in your political boundaries.
  • A data warehouse easily allowing you to store and search on any attribute imaginable about your voters.
  • Web-based Voter contact software designed and proven to help every Conservative candidate running for any political office of any size, or any organization concerned about a public issue.
  • Insanely flexible and powerful “Coordinated Campaign” model, allowing all campaigns to optionally collaborate to any degree, for an organized blow to the opponent.
  • Web-based, real-time, Voter opinion tracking, ideal for any organization with a political interest.  Perfect for PACs, 501C’s, political organizations, organizations with a political interest (e.g. NRA).
  • Volunteer management (and sharing) and volunteer activation, allowing huge numbers of distributed or localized volunteers to actually do real and useful actions to immediately ensure your win (e.g. make virtual phone calls, tag and id voters, etc.).
  • Cat Herding“: Designed from the ground up to powerfully unify even acrimonious faction groups by maintaining complete autonomy and privacy, but easily allowing coordinated efforts on issues and candidates that all factions agree with.
  • Voter Database: Produces the finest, real-time, most accurate voter data in the world for your effort.  Data is always available, 24/7/365, year after year, and can be harnessed for unprecedented trend analysis.
  • Massive Voter Canvassing:
    • bar coded route-optimized walking lists
    • bar coded telephone calling lists
    • real-time, distributed, web based, virtual phone bank system.
      • call from your own home phone, cell phone, Skype, VoIP, predictive dialer, anything.
    • web-based surveying, canvassing
    • Fully “Real-time”, iPhone, Android, SmartPhone integration
    • inexpensive and proven digital canvassing with Palm Pilots, almost real time
    • integrates with robocall, email blasts, Skype, Social Media, predictive dialer, text blasts, etc.
  • Event management.
  • Real-time massively organized and integrated GOTV effort without a close second from ANY competitor.
  • Layers of voter fraud detection and prevention more powerful than any other system in the world.

We’re getting tired and we’ve only started the list….If you can imagine it, we’ve done it. Call us!