Steve Adler

Steve Adler, contemplating dividing something by zero.

Steve Adler is the founder of rVotes, LLC.

Adler has worked his entire adult life in bleeding edge, political computer integration, and co founded  Voter Activation Network, Inc (NGP VAN) and is the original architect of the infamous “VoteBuilder” system, the largest and ‘most winningest’ campaign software in history.  He is hoping rVotes will provide the Center-Right with the system they need so badly in order to compete against the system he previously built for the Left.

In the beginning: Adler owes his introduction to politics to a chance meeting in the late eighties with the late John E. Tabella. Tabella, a talented political consultant since he was a teenager, was immensely  “forward thinking.” Often 20 years younger than the clients he made powerful, John was–in most people’s opinion–a very brilliant pioneer in the use of the emerging PC within the political arena.  He worked with Adler on some early, bar-coded walking list, database systems years before Microsoft Windows was a household word. In the early 90′s, they worked on a system to encapsulate a political candidate’s  handwriting into a Postscript computer printer “font,” so that “personalized” follow-up letters could be mass produced yet look as if they were actually hand-written by the candidate, each with custom content about that voter’s specific hot spot issue.  In the early- to mid-90′s, they built a stand-alone campaign system called PowerCampaign that is still in use today. Tabella taught Adler the fundamentals of local campaigning, which Adler would later base so much of the foundation of his future work upon. Back when DOS was still better than Windows, Tabella was alone on the soap box, promoting the immense value of campaign software. He spent a lot of effort trying to convince local candidates that it was a far better use of campaign money to invest in the ability to micro-target constituents than to buy key chains and full-color bumper stickers. The ones who listened to him almost always won. There are many prominent national politicians in office today that have John and his amazing vision to thank. Tragically, John died of cancer in 1999 at the age of 35. He is missed very much.

Adler went on to co-found  Voter Activation Network, Inc., with business partner and talented political  strategist, Mark Sullivan in 2001. Voter Activation Network, Inc., (now NGPVAN) is now the largest political software company in the world. It is the very foundation of all Democrat campaign efforts in most English speaking countries.  Adler sold his half of the company in 2005, and after a 5 year non-compete has rolled out his improved, rVotes, with the hopes to help level the playing field for those being beaten by his former creation.

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Adler lives in Rhode Island with his wife and their three, young children.