VoteBuilder vs. rVotes?

How much can rVotes still be like VoteBuilder,
seven years after Adler left?

Is rVotes really the Left’s infamous ground game technology?

Below are just a few, random screen shots of VoteBuilder from their 2012 training video.
To the right are the corresponding rVotes screens.

While the two systems have developed completely independently since 2005,
we weren’t too surprised to see how they have grown like twins separated at birth.

Please remember, rVotes, like VoteBuilder, is more than just some cool campaign and  election tools – This is the core of the massive database and intelligence infrastructure that unifies, coordinates and weaponizes every single candidate and organization on one side of the political fence.  Don’t be fooled by shiny objects.  It’s the immensely powerful back-end that you can’t see that makes this technology revolutionary and proven to be impossible to copy despite millions spent trying every year.  

Log in screens


Quick Look up screen.  Notice the “SmartName” technology – so simple, so cool.


The My List page has different graphics, but all the powerful, core tools are the same.



The Contact Details pages are still kind of similar.


If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.


These would look even more similar if they were in the same ‘mode’, but the screen shot on the right didn’t have any scripts.


Bar coded walking lists

We think it’s pretty safe to say that rVotes is the same stick that’s been beating you over the head with for the last eight years or so.

What’s more, rVotes has been enhanced by the original architect of this technology to exploit fundamental weaknesses in VoteBuilder’s implementation allowing for a little “leapfrog” action! ;)

It works — if you use it properly.  Really, the question is, are you ready for rVotes?