Rvotes, the rival to OFA/DNC VoteBuilder will be coming to Ohio

Originally published by Carol Greenberg in “Conservative Outlooks

June 10th, 2011


As I mentioned previously the nuke-bomb database interface system built by VAN (Voter Activation Network) is now for sale to Republicans. Steve Adler was one of two people who designed VoteBuilder which the DNC and OFA use for GOTV and all their other efforts and now he is making the same system available to Republicans and Conservatives.

It’s called Rvotes. Please read my previous article describing the system and the background.

And it will be coming to Ohio in a few short weeks. Virtually FREE for 99% of users in the state. And trust me. I have seen both the OFA and Rvotes database in operation and they are mirror images of each other and are stunning to behold.

And let me be perfectly clear. VoterVault and NationBuilder don’t hold a candle to this sytem.

In this huge battleground state which holds over 500,000 races every two years only the higher level candidates would be charged a nominal monthly fee to use the system. Tea Parties, candidates from mayor on down and other grass roots groups would be able to use the system at no charge.

However we have our work cut out for us. The success of the system depends on promoting it, getting trusted individuals in a core group trained (which can be done by Mr. Adler online) training others, getting volunteers and then using the system.

If this system eventually is put in place in at least the battleground states this can make or break the 2012 election for Republicans and Conservatives. At the initial roll-out for Ohio the only information the site will be populated with is the voter registration files. It will be up to the rest of us to populate it with email addresses and phone numbers.

Ideally it would go into every state in the country.

Mr. Adler will be working out details over the next few weeks however the two of us decided the sooner the word gets out and we get a “buzz” going about the system the better.

Anyone with suggestions as far as assistance on getting the word out, radio programs, blogging, groups whose email lists are not privileged, Tea Party groups,  would be most welcome and helpful.

With everyone’s help we can ensure an Obama defeat in 2012 and other Democrats across the country as well. Please tweet this and post on your FaceBook pages.



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For the time being anyone with suggestions or please post them as a comment here. Thank you.

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