OFA/DNC database system now available to Republicans

Originally published by Carol Greenberg in “Conservative Outlooks
May 30, 2011 By Carol Greenberg


All your enemies are doing it.

The Dems don’t sleep or party during holidays, (except for Obama whom I am sure is playing golf)  that is when they do their plotting. Conservatives should be no different.

Yes, you heard that correctly. The nuke-bomb database interface system built by VAN (Voter Activation Network) is now for sale to Republicans.

Capitalism at its finest, brought to you by the good ole US of A.

Yea, most of you probably know I got an invite to an OFA  on-line webinar about 18 months ago and got screen shots of their mega-database system. And yes, OFA I still have the invite so can’t cry “foul.” Anita Moncrief and I wrote about the system and you can get a snapshot of what the database can do. My article is here and Moncrief follows up with another.

Steve Adler and Mark Sullivan were the founders of Voter Activation Network. They were hired by Howard Dean when he was DNC chair to create the massive database interface system VoteBuilder which was used, and is still used by the DNC and what has reverted back from OFA to “Obama for America.”

For a better understanding of the VoteBuilder system and the players involved, please see this article and pay special attention to the for-profit company Catalist. Catalist holds we believe, almost 100% of the voter records in the country and also names of volunteers, metrics of every precinct in the country and names and emails addresses of anyone who has ever signed up with OFA or the DNC. For all we know they also know what you had for dinner last night. All that data is then loaded into VoteBuilder and the pendulum swings both ways, i.e. VoteBuilder also sends the data they have received back to Catalist.

The two founders of VAN parted and after a five-year non-compete clause Adler went his own way and is offering the same technology and database nuke-bomb that gave Obama the election and got him Obamacare to Republicans.

Stunning news.

I have spent many hours on the phone with Steve Adler and I am convinced he is NOT a Dem  operative as your first thoughts might be. He is a capitalist. Ain’t that what we as conservatives have been touting all this time? Not socialism and spreading the wealth around as we have been told lately we need to do.

Adler lives in Rhode Island and built the database system which is a mirror image of OFA/DNC’s VoteBuilder for the Rhode Island Republican Party. And yes, I have seen the database system in operation twice and can give testimony it is almost an exact replica of VoteBuilder. And yes, I have spoken with Ken McKay who is Rhode Island’s GOP chair and he stated he is very happy with the system and Mr. Adler’s expertise.

The name of Adler’s sytem is Rvotes. The system can and does do the following:

  • Complete, web based Campaign Managment
  • Voter Contact Systems
  • Voter Registration Drive
  • Early /Absentee Vote by Mail
  • Real-time, GOTV
  • iPhone, BlackBerry and Android compatible
  • Event Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Web Based, Virtual Phone Banking
  • Blast Email / Phone
  • Fully Coordinated and Cooperative Campaigning
  • Bar-Coded, Web enabled walking and calling lists
  • Precision Data
  • Palm Pilot, iPhone & SmartPhone Canvassing / GOTV
  • Unified Database
  • Data Warehousing
  • Open Data Architecture
  • “Macronano” Targeting™
  • Facebook friendly
  • Data Import and Export
  • Case Management
  • Unified database design
  • Constituency Management

On voting day the system also allows poll watchers to download info into a smartphone of voters registered at that polling place. Names of those who have shown up to vote can be recorded in the smartphone, and those names go back into the database. If John Doe shows up to vote again later in the day, the poll watcher via his smartphone will get a warning that “John Doe has already voted.”  The smartphone will also alert the poll watcher to those who have said they would vote, but haven’t shown up to vote. The poll watcher can then ask a volunteer to call those people who haven’t voted and offer them a ride to the polling station.

Pretty neat.

Adler tells me his initial goal is to get 12 battleground states up and running. He already has all the voter information ready and available for Ohio and can build the Ohio system in 2-3 weeks.  To get Ohio up and running fairly quickly would be huge, as Ohio went blue in 2008 for the first time in many years. Also if you recall Ohio was heavily in the news in 2008 because of the mess with ACORN.

These 12 battleground states have not been fully determined as of yet, however, any state, Tea Party or candidate can get involved with the system. Data can be shared back and forth between systems as long as both parties agree.

The biggest threat of the DNC/OFA database interface is that info is shared nationwide, depending on the permissions of the user one can access data of any state or individual.

So in the same words of the man who now occupies the Oval Office: Let me be perfectly clear.

This system if implemented can assist in taking back the White House for Conservatives and Republicans and other Republican offices as well. The lefties can lose big and the righties can win big. We just need to come up with the financing.

Contact info for Steve Adler: yes, it’s on his website.



Mr. Adler is awaiting your call and will gladly arranged a demo.

The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

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