rVotes announces integrated RoboCalling

For Immediate Release: September 5, 2012
Contact: Tom Zawistowski, 330-592-1848, TomZ@TRZ.cc
Steve Adler, 401-751-1999, steve@rVotes.com

rVotes Introduces Integrated Robo Calling Capabilities

rVotes integrated Robocalling!

Call up to 100,000 voters per hour.

Providence, RI – rVotes, LLC announce today that it will integrate broadcast voice capabilities, commonly called “robo calling”, into its web based “conservative only” campaign management technology called rVotes. This enhancement to the rVotes system will give rVotes users the ability to easily create call list based on hundreds of different selection criteria and then send a targeted voice message to those voters by using the new Robo Calling module. The service is being offered in partnership with TRZ Business Services of Kent, Ohio which is providing the back end calling technology and credit card processing. rVotes users will pay competitive rates for the service using a credit card.

Steve Adler, the founder of rVotes, said in making the announcement, “We are extremely excited about this new module as it does two very important things for our clients. First it gives them an easy, cost effective method to communicate timely and important messages to voters and constituents. Second, it allows them a way to manage voter contacts by getting reports back after they make their call. This will give rVotes, for instance, the ability to automatically removed bad phone numbers which makes the entire system better. Plus, we were able to keep the cost very reasonable even for our smallest clients. I believe integrating robo calling into our campaign management software is a first for our industry and we are pleased to be able to bring this technology to our clients.”

Tom Zawistowski, the founder of TRZ Business Services, added “To us, this was just a logical next step. The voters are in rVotes, their phone numbers are in rVotes, so you should be able to call those voters without having to leave rVotes. Plus, you should be able to call them at competitive rates. We think this module is going to greatly increase the benefits of the rVotes system to its clients. Our next step will be to integrate automated phone polling into rVotes and our goal will be to have that available late this year.”
rVotes is currently in use in seven (7) states and is rapidly increasing its national foot print. It is only available for use by “conservative” political candidates and organizations. More information is available at www.rvotes.com or by calling customer service at 401-751-1999. With its “Freemium” model, rVotes is provided to virtually every fiscally conservative campaign, PAC, 501(c) or political organization for close to free. Only the largest, statewide campaigns and organizations will be billed a modest fee for its use.

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